Whether you need concrete fencing for your property’s perimeter or you want custom stepping stones and pads for your beautiful garden, we can help you. For gutter downspout splash blocks or water storage tanks, concrete is the best material to choose. Concrete will not break down or lose its strength over time, unlike other less durable materials. Our precast concrete models are an investment that will pay for themselves.

Our fences are beautifully made, strong and resilient. You can enjoy a great addition to your outdoor décor and experience a high-quality, well-manufactured fence made of concrete. Unlike wood or metal structures, you won’t notice any wear and tear or weathering over time. Concrete is the best material for all your fencing needs. 

The professionals at Macon Concrete Products offer precast fencing made from an enduring material that is virtually maintenance-free and extremely cost effective. Our fences have the same texture on both sides, so you won’t see any unfinished surfaces, plus, the panel interlock is invisible. Call us today! 


When you need concrete products for your residential home or your landscaping business, we have everything you need to get the job done. From tables and benches to specialty items and more, we have you covered. Take a look at our residential and landscaping precast products. 
  • Stepping stones/pads
  • Gutter downspout splash blocks
  • Concrete fencing
  • Tables and benches
  • Water storage tanks
  • Custom-made specialty items
When you need concrete products for your landscape or residential property, give us a call. We ship worldwide. 

Splash Blocks 

Splash blocks are placed under down spouts to allow drainage control of rainwater. These structures divert water away from your building and help to prevent erosion and ponding of water which can damage your landscaping.
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