Trash Receptacles
concrete trash receptacles - Midland, TX

Concrete Trash Receptacle Supplier

Macon Concrete Products, Inc. supplies concrete trash receptacles to businesses all throughout North America. Whether you are looking to replace your current receptacles or are buying for the first time; buy right and you won’t have to buy again. 

Our receptacles are made completely out of concrete which makes them resistant to harsh weather conditions. You can find the heavy-duty trash receptacles you’re looking for here at Macon Concrete Products, Inc. 

Call Now To Order!

Whether you’re looking for a rectangular or cylinder-shaped receptacle, you can find the exact shape you want here at Macon Concrete Products. When you buy through us, you won’t have to worry about the wind knocking over or breaking your garbage receptacles. All of our precast concrete products are built to withstand the weathering conditions that are prevalent across any region so that your outdoor space can be free and clear of floating garbage and debris. Call now to learn more or place your order!
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