Precast Barriers 


Precast parking and directional barriers will help with visibility, crash resistance and impact resistance on your commercial parking lot or loading dock area. We ship our precast barrier products throughout the United States and we work closely with major commercial properties. 

With these barriers, you will get the benefits of security without the look of unsightly, unfavorable security features. These barriers will deter vandals and other types of crime, as well as control traffic and prevent collisions or traffic jams. Our products provide a convenient barrier system that won’t hinder pedestrian traffic, but will guide traffic flow to suit your needs and parking lot layout. The barriers and bollards are specifically designed for large trucks and trailers. The concrete will keep vehicle bumpers away from fences and light poles on your lot. 

Standard 6' Car Wheel Stops

Our standard 6' car wheel stops have a smooth form finish. The stops are vibrated as they are cast to provide good consolidation of the concrete which increases durability and improves their appearance.

10’ long, 32” high and 5,325 pounds

This model provides your business with high impact protection. You get positive stopping power and the flexibility to relocate the unit as the needs of your business change.

We can manufacture specialty products as well to fit your needs and your budget.
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