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Concrete Car Stops - Houston, Dallas, San Antonio & Austin, TX

Precast Standard Concrete Car Stops 

If you are the owner or manager of a business or residential complex property, then parking for your clientele is a concern to you. Fender benders are common in parking lots, but that doesn’t mean they have to be common in your parking lot. Here at Macon Concrete Products, we work to make parking lots a safer place for both you, your vehicle and others, with our commercial concrete car stops. 

These long parking curbs are placed at the top of a parking space just before where the front of a car stops when it parks. Our car stops are concrete all the way through, which means they are extremely durable and will last you throughout the years to come. 
Concrete Car Stops Offer The Following Functions:
  • A clear indication of where each parking space stops, even after parking lot striping wears off
  • Prevents drivers from hitting a vehicle across from it when parking
  • Prevents drivers from taking up more than one space when parking
  • Helps drivers stay in the middle of the parking space, which reduces the chances of denting and scratching of doors as they are being opened
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